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What’s Up???

I am Josh Autry, a graduate of Graphic Design from Northern Arizona State University currently living in the Phoenix Metro area and pursuing a career in Art and Graphic Design.Along with my passion for creating art, I am also an avid snowboarder, surfer, (when I am able to get to any California beach where I am originally from) and Kendama player. My goal is finding the type of individuals that appreciate my style and design in the art field. I am always looking for people or companies to collaborate with to help elevate their brand with unique artwork.Fine art is something I am particularly excited to create as well as stepping into the world of tattoo art. While looking around on my site, be sure to look at the prints I have on sale of some of my custom work. I will be updating and adding to this as I release new designs.Thank you for checking out my portfolio of art and logos. If you love my design style and would like to work together, please feel free to text 623.606.6819 or email me at

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